Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Short emo haircut

Who said that emo hairstyle can only be worn with long hair ,the pictures below show that even if you have short hair you can be emo.

Look at some good examples of short emo haircuts

Ah Milo. Hes super. But only when he had short hair. Now hes just an emo faggot. hehe you can just feel the love.

short emo hair



  1. the girl with the pink necklace- awesome cut, the guy and the girl together- played out and tired.

  2. I likes the first one :P

    The last one kinda is boring! *yawns* sorry

  3. The girl with the pink necklace is so incredibly pretty... I'm getting lost in her eyes.
    Her hair is awesome, too. :)

  4. why is it that "emo" hair is supposed to different, only they say you cant have short or blond emo hair? I am not part of a label for that simple fact. I am my own person. Not like every other "Emo" out there

  5. This is not an EMO Hair!!!...

    The first is most like a Visual kei hair!... The others are nob....