Thursday, 11 December 2008

Emo hair cut

Emo hair cut

Bold highlights asymmetrical lines, and black hairs characterize typical Emo hair cut. Emos will not move with the herd and their hair cuts are just an extension of this principle. In majority of the cases, Emo hair cut are a kind experiment also not the kind that you may get at ordinary salon. Actually, it is perfectly acceptable to make your own style with pair of razor, scissors, and dye.Incase you want to get completely original style then look through some magazines or surf Internet. Also, try and look at your style and shape face. This can have a lot to achieve with what hair style can work for you as everyone knows, not all hairstyle works for all individuals! Furthermore, if are redefining your existing style then watch bang change, color change or maybe a little trim. Settle on which image you will try to get! If you want a sporty look, romantic look or Emo look then you need totally different hair cuts thus knowing your image can help you tremendously!There is no technique to Emo hair cut. It perhaps described as a personal art form, expression of one's genuine emotions. Both Emo boys & girls dye their complete hair jet black, bolder the effect, better.
Emo hair cut

Emo Hair Style

Emo Hair Style
Emo is not only a hairstyle; it is one practice! The hair style was begun by a group of teenager's tagged emos, or one who liked to listen to expressive music and emos started style by a way they dressed. Dress was plain and holed jeans as well as thick clothing were the beginning because style then soon turned in hair. The Emo hair styles today are not used or else worn by completely devoted Emos but are in its place found on lots of individuals who find a look very stylish!
With the emo hairstyles, everything goes, given that it does not look like something like a prom queen and king would dress in. Most the emo girls generally dye their hair black. Lots of emo boys have got the jet black hair, however it is not widespread. Any of the black dye may do, and bolder the effect, better. You don’t need to worry about dye jobs looking very natural, as lots of emo hair styles are clearly dyed. You may want to freshen edges with the frosted highlights, purple and blue, but ensure these shades show through a black dye. If you are looking forward to looking into the Emo hairstyle for first time then it is suggested to go to stylist who has got experience with that look.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Emo hair

Emo hair is becoming very common nowadays especially amongst the teenaged,so it is getting increasingly hard to be unique with your looks.If you are interested in having an emo hair you will have to look many different places for your emo hair inspiration.Many emo hair pictures galleries are accessible online,but one place you'll find the best for emo hair idea is inside yourself.That means try to just be yourself and express your personality trough emo hair.
Emo hair gallery

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Green emo hair

Green emo hair
Altho typical emo hair is usually short black but not every emo have it. Try to create your emo hair exceptional by adding some color layers like green.
Green emo hair pictures gallery:

Monday, 28 July 2008

How to be an emo

Do you wanna to be an emo? You should follow these few steps.........

Step one - get emo hair

Step two
- follow emo movement

Step tree
must wear emo makeup- eyeliner

Step four - wear pencil tight jeans

Step fivewear emo T-shirt

Step six - emo shoes converse,vans ......

Step seven-accessories, bags and belt buckles

Step eight - watch emo videos, listen to emo music

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Emo make up

Emo make up
Along with emo hair and emo fashion,emo makeup is what you need to complete the emo look and the one thing you must not forget about.Now days it is totally acceptable for both emo boys and of course emo girls to wear makeup, particularly eye-liner.Emo makeup is often mistaken with goth look, but actually isn't as dark as goth and has more colors such as green or pink.

The basic stuffs required to do emo makeup include black eye-shadow, black mascara and black eye-liner pencil. Use eye-liner and draw closely to the eye lashes then follow with purple or violet liner and draw towards the eyebrows. You should add some eye liner underthe eyes to get more impression.Eye lids must have a dark eye shade with a light-colored eye shadow below eyebrows and then highlight around eye lids with dark red.

To produce a more veritable look for your emo make-up, you will need a lot more than barely a black eye-liner pencil and black mascara. You will need to be imaginative with the standard materials to create your emo make-up original and unlike unlike everyday make-up.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Emo quotes

Emo quotes

An actual emo kid would not be asking what emos say,because probably there is no such thing as emo quotes.
But anyway here's a few emo quotes.

"Smiles are no more than hollow love"
"It's quite ironical that in life, the person that brings out the best in you and the one that makes you strong is actually your weakness"
"I sort of love you"
"Sometimes if you love someone so much, it will actually hurt more."
"Hate can be a positive emotion.When it drives you to better yourself."
"Do not quote me,think for your self!"
"To offer a girl friendship when love is in her heart is like giving a loaf of bread to one who is dying of thirst."
"I’m in the business of misery, let’s take it from the top."
"I hate you,but...I need you,because... I love you"
"I’m gonna put this picture down....,and possibly get some sleep tonight..."
"Heal the past the present...and dream the future!!"

What is your favorite emo quote?

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Short emo haircuts for summer

Short emo haircuts for summer

To be an emo means to wear emo hair and emo hair normally covers the front of your face.Alltogether could become very annoying now hot summer months are here and heat is becoming unbearable under that heavy emo hair.However if you are true emo that small inconvenience wont stop you to wear emo hair in the summer months.Therefore if you still would like to feel comfortable in a hot summertime months you must consider to getting a new short emo haircut.

Short emo haircuts for summer picture gallery:

Short emo haircuts are great for any occasion in the hot summer time.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Emo hair in 2008

Emo hair in 2008
Nowadays, with ever-changing trends, emo styles, also, have gone through some transformations.But since the genuine emo hair is many more than barely a style it is a affirmation of who you are,you might be disappointed If you're looking for a new
emo hair trend in year 2008.Emo hair in 2008 will look just like it did before,and the look is:
Modern emo hair usually spots long bangs cut unevenly that can cover one eye partially or fully or still both eyes.

Emo hair in 2008
hair is lovee.
Emo hair in 2008
My Hair to Be
Emo hair in 2008
blonde emo surfer
Emo hair in 2008
Orginal EMo Pump Hair
Emo hair in 2008
emo chick
You can coiffure your emo hair however you want in year 2008!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Emo T-shirt

Emo T-shirt
T-shirt is probably one of the most recognizable "emo" fashion item. If you want to dress like an emo,there are some basic characteristics of an emo t-shirt:
  • Emo t-shirts can be very symbolic and expressive,with some random slogans or t-shirts of popular emo bands.
  • A proper emo t-shirt should be size too small and be at least 10 years old, if not older.
back of cancha\'s emo shirt
  • Emo t-shirts are typically dark colored t-shirts. A plain black t-shirt is a favorite among emos.
Emo Star T-Shirt
  • Emo t-shirt with common iconic symbols such as broken heart,bleeding heart,stars and popular skull.
emo shirt