Monday, 28 July 2008

How to be an emo

Do you wanna to be an emo? You should follow these few steps.........

Step one - get emo hair

Step two
- follow emo movement

Step tree
must wear emo makeup- eyeliner

Step four - wear pencil tight jeans

Step fivewear emo T-shirt

Step six - emo shoes converse,vans ......

Step seven-accessories, bags and belt buckles

Step eight - watch emo videos, listen to emo music

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Emo make up

Emo make up
Along with emo hair and emo fashion,emo makeup is what you need to complete the emo look and the one thing you must not forget about.Now days it is totally acceptable for both emo boys and of course emo girls to wear makeup, particularly eye-liner.Emo makeup is often mistaken with goth look, but actually isn't as dark as goth and has more colors such as green or pink.

The basic stuffs required to do emo makeup include black eye-shadow, black mascara and black eye-liner pencil. Use eye-liner and draw closely to the eye lashes then follow with purple or violet liner and draw towards the eyebrows. You should add some eye liner underthe eyes to get more impression.Eye lids must have a dark eye shade with a light-colored eye shadow below eyebrows and then highlight around eye lids with dark red.

To produce a more veritable look for your emo make-up, you will need a lot more than barely a black eye-liner pencil and black mascara. You will need to be imaginative with the standard materials to create your emo make-up original and unlike unlike everyday make-up.